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Online Store

You can create an online store on your website without the need for any other tools or applications. Your customers can book your activities from the online store or by clicking on direct booking links for your activities.

Organize your expenses and control your company

We are a comprehensive ERP. You can manage your entire company with us and know your company's result in real-time. Store expense invoices from your activities, send your invoices to your accountant with one click.

Allocate a budget to an activity. Determine who can approve expenses and from what amount.

Organize your expenses and control your company

Easy and fast invoicing

Leave behind paper invoices and automatically send your customers the invoice in PDF. Create your company's invoices in seconds from a booking or from scratch.

If you have multiple companies, you can issue invoices for each of them with a single program, create billing lines, and customize your invoices.

From scratch

Communicate with your customers from EasyManager

Send messages to your customers by email and SMS from our program. Transform the way you interact with your customers. You can send emails and SMS to a specific customer or a group of customers you choose (and soon WhatsApp messages).

Additionally, you can customize the design and signature of your shipments. Use any online signature generation program, paste the HTML code they provide, and you're done.

Document Management

Send documents to your customers, employees, or suppliers. You can upload documents to a specific customer, to all bookings of an activity, or to a group of customers you choose. Notify them of the document's shipment automatically. If you wish, request a digital signature.

Document Management

Organize participant pickup

Parents can authorize the people they wish to pick up participants. Your monitors will be able to view the authorized person's data with their name, ID, and photo, recording the person who picked up the participant each day. Coming soon.

Participant Lists and Online Attendances

Authorize your monitors to view participant lists with the data you want them to see. They can take attendance online from their mobile without installing any application.

Participant Lists and Online Attendances

Compare and control across multiple parameters

Automatically visualize activity results on the screen: reservations, amount collected, amount spent, and result. Download all your company's data to Excel if you wish to create your own reports: customer databases, income, expenses, reservations, etc.

Additionally, in our new statistics module, you can analyze all your company's data and make comparisons between years, activities, etc. Update coming soon.

Support for you

From the first minute, you will have our support team at your disposal, providing personalized attention by phone, email, and WhatsApp. We will help you with the initial setup of the program and any questions you may have in the future.

Customer Support

If you wish, your customers will have a support chat within EasyManager to communicate with your team. Included in your EasyManager license at no additional cost.

Support for you
Support for you

Integration with other systems

We have an API to facilitate integration with other systems in your company and to further customize your activity data on your own website.

Integration with other systems

Your data 100% secure

Your license includes your own PostgreSQL database, and all your data is stored on secure servers.
Full backups of your database are performed automatically every 24 hours on another separate server.

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